Critical Care and Anaesthesia

Critical Care & Anaesthesia


If you require emergency medical attention or round-the-clock critical care and life support, Suvidha Multi-speciality Hospital offers ICU services. It is backed up by a highly competent staff of Intensivists who specialize in resuscitation and critical patient treatment, as well as trained nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, and other paramedics. Patients undergoing major surgery, those who are severely ill or injured, and those who have malfunction or failure of one or more major organs are all monitored continuously by the Department. To avoid Hospital Acquired Infection, all personnel follows infection control protocols.


Anesthesiologists treat pain caused by long-term illnesses such as cancer or chronic discomfort. They serve in operating rooms and assist with pain management both during your surgical operation. They are medical professionals that administer medications and care to keep you from being in excruciating agony; if required, they will put you to sleep throughout a surgical operation. Before surgery, the anesthesiologist will visit with the patient and assess their medical condition, allowing them to devise a surgical plan that takes into consideration all of the patient’s demands. They will be in charge of the patient’s care after the operation while reversing the impact of anesthesia. They also make sure the patient is comforted during his or her recovery.


Types of Anesthesia:

  • General Anesthesia
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Monitored Sedation
Dr. Srujith

Dr. Nalla Srujith

MD (Internal medicine)

Department: Internal Medicine

Designation: Diabetologist

Location:  EC Complex, Kushaiguda, ECIL, Hyderabad.

Languages: English, Telugu, Hindi.

Med Reg No: TSMC/FMR00343