Suvidha Hospitals’ endocrinology department provides the best treatment options for endocrine disorders and collaborates closely with other departments such as neurology, reproductive medicine, oncology and genetic factors to provide comprehensive and detailed care for its patients who suffer from diverse endocrine diseases.


The following are some of the most common endocrine conditions that are treated:

  • Thyroid gland
  • Metabolic bone disorders
  • Obesity Management
  • Pituitary gland
  • Paediatric Endocrinology
  • Adrenal gland
  • Reproductive endocrine disorders
dr deepthi kondagaripng

Dr Deepthi Kondagari

M.B.B.S, M.D (Internal Medicine), D.N.B (Endocrinology)

Department :  Endocrinology

Designation :  Consultant Endocrinologist

Location      :   EC Complex, Kushaiguda, ECIL, Hyderabad.

Languages   :   English, Telugu, Hindi.

Med Reg No : 57929

Procedures Performed: