Medical & Surgical Oncology

Cancer is a complex disease. Throughout its course, you are likely to require doctors who specialize in various branches. The type of cancer specialist that would be the best fit would depend on the type of cancer that you are suffering from and the stage at which it has progressed.


What type of cancer specialist would you need?

Cancer specialists can be mainly divided into three different branches – medical, surgical, and radiation. Not every person requires all three. The professionals at Suvidha Multispeciality Hospitality will help you in deciding the right plan of action.


You are likely to visit a medical oncologist for long-term and regular check-ups. He devises your treatment plan and coordinates with other doctors to execute it efficiently. A medical oncologist also oversees chemotherapy, target therapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy.


A surgical oncologist is adept at diagnosing the disease with the help of a biopsy. He can also help in the treatment by removing tumors or other cancerous growths.


Finally, a radiation oncologist is someone who resorts to radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer.


However, the treatment is highly subjective. You may also require aid from other specialists like a hematologist or a general surgeon, depending on the complications of your specific case. Suvidha Multispeciality Hospital also provides plastic surgery services for patients post-recovery.


Why should you choose us?

Suvidha Multispeciality Clinic houses doctors with years of experience in the field. Moreover, our experts are open to questions and listen to your issues patiently to devise the best solutions. Here, professionalism meets empathy.